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The USA exceeded our expectations and simply blew us away. Forget the stereotypes, this place really is one of the best countries a traveller can explore. The experiences you can have in the USA are endless, whether it's jaw dropping national parks, beaches, snow-covered peaks, redwood forests, quirky small towns or culturally divers behemoth cities. It's like each state is it's own unique country with vast differences in ideals, opinions and attitudes to life. The variety is enthralling. Don't miss:

- Yosemite & Yellowstone: so vastly different but so equally stunning.
- Utah's National Parks: from Zion to Arches, the land is breathtaking.
- East Coast: drive the coast from Seattle to LA, it's world class.

- Texas: tour Dallas, Austin and Houston learn all about this sun drenched land.
- Philadelphia & DC: culturally vibrant or historically interesting? See them both.
- New York City: 56 cities in one? One of the most impressive cities on the planet.

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