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Want to live life The Nomad Way and need a few tips? Where do you get essential travel gear from? Below are some travel links we recommend...

Travel Insurance (Australia)

Travel Information & Accommodation

Travel Gear

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What you take, on your trip depends loads of things. Consider how long you are going, where you are going, the temperature variations and what you will be doing...hiking, surfing, camping? Here`s a list to get you started. View List here.

Are you Addicted to Travel?

Every traveller has been through it, especially after the first spend all that time gearing up for the trip, saving, buying the right gear, packing, booking, saying goodbye to family and friends...Find Out

What's the Best Travel Camera?

What is perhaps the most important item whilst travelling? A camera. Which camera should you buy? It's a very important question. There are a number of basic features that we think are essential. Here's our take on cameras: Click Here

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