Are you Addicted to Travel? | The Nomad Way

Every traveller has been through it, especially after the first spend all that time gearing up for the trip, saving, buying the right gear, packing, booking, saying goodbye to family and friends - then you are off! You are utterly blown away by the experience and next minute you are home, sitting back in from of that computer or on a bus to work going....what am I doing back here? That went so fast!! Huge sinking feeling knowing that your next big trip could be 2 years away.

The travel bug strikes and it can be painful! The problem is, the more you can't go, the more you want to and each small trip just leaves you desperate for more. The bug becomes an addiction! Then you become torn between a set of major life v travel v family v money. It's hard to make them all work and to do one properly has to be at the expense of another.

The Nomad Way signs, that you are addicted to travel:

  1. You can't stand the thought of accumulating things in your house, you'd rent a toaster if you could.
  2. All the pieces of clothing you own, must be able to fit into a backpack.
  3. You sometimes roam your local streets with your camera, taking photos and pretending you are travelling.
  4. A mobile phone contract is too much of a commitment.
  5. Saving every penny for one thing and one thing alone (forget cars, houses and retirement).
  6. You work as it enables you to travel, nothing more.
  7. When you see backpackers in your home town, you start to feel sick and simply cry.
  8. The best people you know, live on the other side of the world.
  9. Apart from food, everything you buy needs to be relevant to take travelling.
  10. Your travel photos are nearly as important as life itself.
  11. The next big trip is constantly on your mind and you are envious of anyone travelleling when you aren't.
  12. Pasta is the best meal imaginable. You cook and eat more pasta than all other foods combined.
  13. A backup passport photo is more important to you than a TV.
  14. You've slept in more beds than songs that exist on iTunes.
  15. If you received a coffee table book, you wouldn't know what to do with it.
  16. Your kitchen consists of a pocket knife, a spork and a drink bottle.
  17. Suits, shirts, ties and fancy shoes are irrelevant in life.
  18. You only have 2 essential possessions in life, a passport and a camera.
  19. Getting lost in a big city feels a bit like falling in love for the fist time.
  20. 5 star restaurants just don't make sense to you.

You love travelling, try and squeeze in a career and family where you can, but travel is the best. Are you a travel addict?

Live life, The Nomad Way!