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Slovenia is situated right in the heart of Central Europe bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. It's relatively small country with just over 2 million inhabitants however it has a whole range of natural treasures just waiting to be explored. Snow capped mountains, emerald green rivers, and endless forests that cover more than half of the country. Plus picturesque towns, great food and a vibrant culture. Don't miss:

  • Ljubljana - The capital of Slovenia, and one of Europe's greenest capitals. The emerald-green Ljubljanica River flows right through the city, with great architecture, cafes and more.
  • Ljubljana Castle - On top of a 375m-high hill by the Old Town, this castle has some great architecture from the 16th century and is a great place to watch the sunset.
  • Lake Bled - A glacial lake fed by hot springs with an island in the middle. It's surrounded by mountain peaks and a towering castle right by the lake on a cliff
  • Škocjan Caves - An incredible cave system that's been attracting tourists for over 200 years. Be sure to check out Predjama Castle, one of the largest cave castles in the world.

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