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Romania often overlooked by travellers exploring Europe, yet it has an incredible amount to see and do. Located in southeastern Europe, it has a wonderful variety of landscapes including the forested region of Transylvania which is surrounded by the rugged Carpathian Mountains. The capital, Bucharest has recently undergone an old-town revamp, restoring many of its buildings and streets to their original glory. Be sure to explore the preserved medieval towns scattered throughout the countryside, they'll make you feel like you've stepped back in time. Don't miss:

  • Bucharest - It's packed with restaurants, bars, great architecture and an up-beat vibe. Make sure you check out the Palace of Parliament.
  • Coiza National Park - Explore churches, small town and then get out into nature. 
  • Sibiu - A 12th century medieval town with original walls and towers, including a 13th-century Council Tower. 
  • Medias & Biertan - Quaint Saxon towns, and the fortified church at Biertan is UNESCO World Heritage listed.
  • Sighișoara & Viscri - Fantastic well-preserved medieval towns that are also UNESCO World Heritage listed.
  • Brasov - A larger Romanian city with a towering Gothic-style Black Church, a cobbled old town and loads of vibrant cafes.
  • Bran Castle - Dramatic, imposing and Count Dracula's castle!

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