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Chile may not look that big on a map, but with 5,000km´s of coastline, travelling from top to bottom is a mission! A varied geography and climate ranging, from the world's driest desert, the Atacama in the north, a Mediterranean climate in the centre, and a temperate climate in the Patagonian south. Very friendly people, safe and a great country to visit. Don´t miss:
- Torres del Paine, a stunning national park and make sure you do the ´W´ trek!
- Carretera Austral, the road winding to the north flanked by lush mountains & rivers.
- Pucon, the countries adventure capital. Go rafting and climb Volcán Villarrica.
- Santiago, the countries capital. Loads of museums and great city centre to explore.
- Valparaiso, narrow lanes, colourful buildings, great music scene and on the coast!
- San Pedro de Atacama, the worlds driest desert and moon-like landscapes!

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