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Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the Balkan peninsula bordering Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro with a small area that reaches the Adriatic Sea. It's known for its beautiful mountainous, medieval castles, rivers and waterfalls. Despite the terrible civil war during the 1990's, you'll find friendly locals and great food. Don't miss:

  • Sarajevo - Surrounded by mountains, Sarajevo is a religious melting pot with large Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals, synagogues, mosques and more. It's a fascinating city and easy enough to explore on foot. 
  • Mostar - A swooping arch bridge that was originally built in the 1500's. It's an engineering marvel and a Unesco World Heritage site famed for people who dive off the top.
  • Jajce - An impressive 21m-high waterfall by Jajce's castle-crowned Old Town.
  • Trebinje - A scenic a tiny walled Old Town flanked by a leafy market square.

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